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Love Yourself

Human beings come in all shapes and sizes. Our aim should be to be the best version of ourselves and be fit, not thin. No two people look alike and the parameters of progress are different for each individual. Consultations with Himali focus on improving your relationship with food and learning to love yourself through all phases, not just losing weight.


eat healthy

Eating healthy is such a debated topic. What is eating healthy? Does it mean eating salads and soups? Does it mean never eating your favourite foods? No, it is about balance. Eating healthy is not starving yourself or depriving yourself off of anything, rather it is learning to nourish your body the right. Your diet includes laukey subzi yes but can also accommodate a piece of chocolate cake.


Move More

Maximum diseases now a days are "lifestyle disorders". PCOS, Diabetes, Cardio Vascular diseases etc are manifestations of today's lifestyle. Our lives have become more and more sedentary. We do not move as much as we used to, which is leading to obesity & other health issues. Physical activity is an indispensable part of fitness and health. 

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Himali Sharmila

Clinical Dietitian & Lifestyle Coach.

Himali is a practicing Dietitian and a Lifestyle Coach. She's done her post graduation in Clinical Nutrition and is passionate about improving people's health in a holistic way. Her meal plans consist of simple, home food. She is big advocate of everything local, traditional & seasonal. Her consultations are teaching people how to eat right, one at a time!

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Read our client testimonials below!

Rushali Jaiswal

PCOS & Inch Loss

When Rushali first contacted me, her doctor had given her hormonal pills, which she took for around 2 months but then stopped. We didn't start with a goal to lose weight but rather balance her hormones first, get into a healthy lifestyle and regualrise her period cycles. I initially told her to give herself 6 months to work on everything but we were able to get results in 3 months itself!

Her elevated estrogen levels came down, she got her period after going off of OC pills and lost inches too! She could see visible changes in her body composition. Rushali was shifting houses in the middle of the consultation but still managed everything well.

Quoting her feedback here:
"Started with a detoxing regimen followed by mindful eating, a proper sleep routine, exercising everyday and that's all you need to get your hormones back on track!"

Naman Jain

Weight & Inch Loss

"I had followed the personalised meal plan and nutrition guidance from Himali for the last 3 months and I can say with full confidence that this had a major impact on the my eating pattern and my exercise routine. I feel more energetic now as compared to before.

Portion control + Healthy yet nutritious diet plays a major role in one’s weight loss and fitness journey. I eat everything but Portion Control has now become a huge part of my life. My diet was not restrictive, there was no low carb or low fat diet either.

• Exercising daily is also equally important but it will not have an impact until the diet is healthy and balanced. This is what Himali focused in the last 3 months on my meal plan and the transition to the same was a breeze for me.

• Weight Training: Apart from cardio workouts, weight training plays a key role in fat loss and muscle building. I was never a gym fan before and used to rely on Cardio. But in the last 3 month I have focused on lifting weights and I am happy that Himali encouraged me to lift weights!

I will end this note by saying that the only one thing to remain fit and healthy is “Consistency” (both in diet and exercise). I am happy to say that I signed up on this plan so early! ❤"

Ritu Beedkar

Going off Hormone Pills

Suffering from strong PCOS and relying on contraceptives along with other endless number of medicines for years, I seeked Himali's help. She is an amazing dietician and a very good friend. She has helped me modify my lifestyle immensly, treating PCOS completely naturally and taking me off of my contraceptives pills. I have had people praising me for visible inch loss and for incorporating healthy habits. I didn't have to go out of my way to follow her meal plans, I was actually eating more (healthy food) and saw many good results. I am going to continue to take and follow her direction till my health issue is solved completely. She is very very supportive and she has definitely broken that image of 'dietitians starve you or keep you on rigorous diets and make it very troublesome for you'. She is completely opposite of that! She is trying her best to cure me completely from the daily kitchen ingredients and nothing fancy. Thank you soo much again for supporting me non-stop and also not scolding me for missing out on one or two things at times! 😅❤

Aishwarya Karva

Fat Loss & Thyroid

"Himali's practice to bring back glory to Ghar Ka Khana is what caught my eye and she is exactly the type of coach I needed to kickstart my nutrition & fitness journey. I witnessed drastic changes not just in my body but also in my mindset. I used to dread both diet and exercise, because diet for me meant starvation and exercise meant punishment. But as soon as I started working with Himali, my perception about diet and exercise changed. I learnt that diet meant more nourishment for the body and exercise was more like a present that I gave my body for what it's been doing for me. Throughout our consultation I never felt hesitant about communicating my concerns to Himali, she's very accommodating & an excellent listener. What I loved most about this consultation was Himali's simplified approach, which is why I achieved both weighing scale as well non-scale wins. I would like to particularly highlight my non-scale wins because a photo can't do enough justice to what I have learnt about my body in these 4 months. I have better immunity, my hair growth & hair quality have improved, improved energy levels & reduced fatigue, my relationship with food has improved and the biggest win is the change in my mindset, I feel optimistic about this journey more than ever! I'm grateful to have found a coach and friend like her. Thank you Himali for making me feel comfortable and confident in my skin, again. 💜"

Ayushi Patel

Gastritis & Inch Loss

The first thing that made me realise that Himali and I were a perfect match for my nutritional journey was our common thinking of treating this treatment as a lifestyle correction rather than a 'diet'. She made me understand that while a strict diet if followed religiously may yield faster results, it would be temporary. She won my full faith when she walked me through my lifestyle changes which were extremely doable and not rigid. She didn't cut any foods out of my diet, only asked to reduce and as a foodie I can really appreciate that. She accommodated all my needs and requests from weekend partying to weekday cravings, all while keeping me on track. I felt I could be completely honest with her even when I cheated because she was truly understanding and accepting. She constantly kept motivating me through my difficult 4 days of detox and was so supportive. She would go above and beyond her role to make me comfortable and happy. Within three months of working with her, I noticed huge changes in symptoms (gastritis) and after six months, I am happy to say 90% of my symptoms have reduced and I lost inches and a few kgs which were a added bonus! She is unconventional, sympathetic, reliable, practical and extremely knowledgeable! I would blindly recommend her to anyone.❤

Dina Patel

Constipation & Gut Health

When Dina first came to me in July, a trainer had put her on a diet of only eggs, paneer & whey protein throughout the day, to prepare her for her upcoming marathons in August & September. This unnecessary and large amount of protein lead to constipation and she had gotten used to taking laxatives.

My first goal was to wean her off of the laxatives and then bring her digestion to normal. For a month, she was on a strict regimen which she followed with utmost sincerity. If I had one word to describe Dina as a client, it would be sincere. If you tell her to eat 6 grains of rice, you can be sure she wouldn't touch the 7th grain. If she had guests coming over, she would eat her food first and then sit down with everyone. This sincerity got us quicker & better results.

Slowly, her digestion improved and we went off laxatives completely. In fact, she gave up eggs & dairy and turned to a complete Vegan Diet. Her energy levels, stamina and performance improved even more with a plant based diet. We reduced the habit of snacking throughout the day and focused on more wholesome meals. After a month's strict regimen, we slowly started including more food items and by the end of 2.5 months, her diet was completely back to normal.


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