Gut Cleanse – 4 Month Program

✓ This Gut Cleanse is based on Ayurvedic Principles and is done with proper monitoring
✓ This cleanse helps the body use its own ability to remove toxins – works like an assistive aid
✓ 4 month program divided into 2 parts – 2 months of detox & cleansing
✓ Rest 2 months  focused on bringing our meals & lifestyle back to original pattern
✓ It does NOT aim to starve the person
✓ There are NO raw vegetable juices or smoothies given
✓ Food & Herbs available locally and in your kitchen recommended
✓ Various food restrictions for first 2 months but solid foods are a part of diet
✓ Light & easy to digest foods are focused on
✓ WhatsApp Support throughout the detox
✓ Follow up every 12-15 days
✓ It is especially recommended for people with:
• IBS, Acidity, Frequent Constipation or Diarrhea, Frequent Gas, Bloating etc.
• Irregular bowel movements – unable to poop in the morning without laxatives or stimulants, can poop only after eating a meal etc.
  • Recurrent Acne, Rashes or Boils
• Unexplained headaches
• Inability to lose weight despite best efforts
• Trouble Sleeping and feeling tired/lethargic on waking up
• Excessive Sugar cravings
• Various deficiencies
• Feeling depressed or consistent mood imbalances
• Low Energy levels throughout the day

✓ 14,000 INR (17,000 INR)