Diabetic Care

✓ India is home to 75+ million Diabetic people. It is the second highest in the world followed by China. With an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, irregular sleep patterns and stress, high blood sugar levels are becoming common. In the Diabetic care plan, we aim to bring down your sugar levels with appropriate dietary & lifestyle changes. Your blood sugar is monitored at different times of the day, after and before meals and changes are suggested accordingly. The plan works in accordance to your current medicines. It neither cuts out sweets, fruits or sugar completely nor does it aim to give you boring, boiled or raw foods. The plan is all about teaching you to eat & live in such a way that manages your blood sugar levels naturally. Recipes and food is curated keeping in mind you needs, your ethnicity, taste buds, food structure at home etc.

✓ 3 Month Plan – 12,000 INR (15,000 INR)

✓ 6 Month Plan – 18,000 INR (25,000 INR)